Battle of Williamsburg

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A.P. Hill's Light Division

Major General AMBROSE P. HILL, commanding.

First Brigade

General Charles W. Field

Second Brigade

General Maxcy Gregg

Third Brigade

General Joseph R. Anderson

  • 14th Georgia
  • 35th Georgia
  • 45th Georgia
  • 49th Georgia
  • 3d Lousiana Battalion

Fourth Brigade

General Lawrence O'Bryan Branch

  • 7th North Carolina
  • 18th North Carolina
  • 28th North Carolina
  • 33d North Carolina
  • 37th North Carolina

Fifth Brigade

General James J. Archer

  • 5th AL Battalion
  • 19th Georgia
  • 1st Tennessee
  • 7th Tennessee
  • 14th Tennessee

Sixth Brigade

General William D. Pender

  • 2d AR Battalion
  • 16th North Carolina
  • 22d North Carolina
  • 34th North Carolina
  • 38th North Carolina
  • 22d VA Battalion

Artillery Brigade

Colonel Lewis M. Coleman

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By an act approved June 23, 1874, Congress made an appropriation "to enable the Secretary of War to begin the publication of the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, both of the Union and Confederate Armies," and directed him "to have copied for the Public Printer all reports, letters, telegrams, and general orders not heretofore copied or printed, and properly arranged in chronological order." This compilation will be the first general publication of the military records of the war, and will embrace all official documents that can be obtained by the compiler, and that appear to be of any historical value.