A.P. Hill's Officers

This section of the website contains biographies of A.P. Hill's field officers (majors, lieutenant colonels, colonels, and generals). The biographies are divided first by division, then by brigade, then by regiment. Each regiment has its own page -- division and brigade commanders are listed here. There are also biographies for artillery battalion commanders in this section as well. Some biographies contain pictures; others do not. Obviously, most of Hill's generals have fairly lengthy biographies while most of his colonels -- being more obscure -- do not. If an officer's name is an underlined hyperlink, he has an individual page biography. Unfortunately, I could not find very much information on some of A.P. Hill's officers; but I did try to at least include some information about as many of them as possible.

This section contains a massive amount of material on A.P. Hill's officers; it will take a long time to explore but it is hopefully organized so you can find your way around quickly if you know what you are looking for. It is dedicated to the officers and men of his command who gave his Light Division and Third Corps their well-earned reputation for hard-fighting.

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Division Leaders

Anderson's / Mahone's Division

Elements of this Division first served in the First Corps under Longstreet. It joined Third Corps in the major reorganization of the Army of Northern Virginia after the battle of Chancellorsville. Mahone took command when Anderson was promoted to command of Longstreet's corps following the battle of the Wilderness. The Division served with the Third Corps until Appomattox.

Commanders of this division included Lieutenant General Richard Heron Anderson, who was as stated above, promoted to command of the First Corps after Longstreet's wounding. He was succeeded by Major General William Mahone who commanded the Division until the end of the War.

Anderson's / Mahone's Division included the following brigades:

Wilcox's Alabama Brigade which was commanded by Brig. Gen. Cadmus M. Wilcox (promoted to command of Pender's Division), Brig. Gen. Abner Perrin (killed at Spotsylvania in command of a division in the Second Corps), and Brig. Gen. John C.C. Sanders, who was killed at Petersburg. The brigade consisted of the 8th, 10th, 11th, and 14th Alabama Infantry Regiments and it served until surrendered at Appomattox.

Mahone's Virginia Brigade which was commanded by Major General William Mahone (succeeded to command of the Division) and Brig. Gen. David A. Weisiger. This brigade was sometimes called the Old Dominion Brigade. It consisted of the 6th, 12th, 16th, 41st, and 61st Virginia Infantry Regiments.

Wright's / Giardey's Georgia Brigade which was commanded by Maj. Gen. Ambrose R. Wright, Brig. Gen. Victor Girardey (killed in action at Petersburg), and Brig. Gen. G. Moxley Sorrel. The core of this brigade consisted of the 3d Georgia, 22d Georgia, 48th Georgia, and the 2d Georgia Battalion. Later additions to it include the 64th Georgia (joined III Corps around time of Petersburg) and the 10th Georgia Battalion (joined ANV early in 1864).

Perry's Florida Brigade was commanded by Brig. Gen. Edward Perry, Col. David Lang, and Brig. Gen. Joseph Finegan. The original brigade, transfered into the III Corps with the rest of Anderson's Division before the Gettysburg Campaign, consisted of the 2d, 5th, and 8th Florida regiments. The 9th, 10th, and 11th Regiments were formed from elements of Finegan's brigade and joined the III Corps sometime around Cold Harbor.

Posey's Mississippi Brigade was commanded by Brig. Gen. Carnot Posey (mortally wounded at Bristoe) and Brig. Gen. Nathaniel Harris. It was made up of the 12th, 16th, 19th, and 48th Mississippi Regiments.

Anderson's Division's Artillery was under the command of Maj. John Lane and Lieut. Col. Allen S. Cutts.

Heth's Division

Joined the Third Corps after the Chancellorsville major reorgnization following Jackson's death. This division contained two brigades from the old Light Division and several "new" brigades that had seen prior service in the Carolinas.

Heth's Division was one of the few Army of Northern Virginia division-level commands to have only one principal or "official" commander. Maj. Gen. Henry Heth commanded the division from the Gettysburg Campaign until its surrender at Appomattox.

Heth's Division was made up of the following brigades:

Pettigrew's North Carolina Brigade was commanded by Brig. Gen. J. Johnston Pettigrew (mortally wounded during the Gettysburg Campaign), Brig. Gen. William W. Kirkland, and Brig. Gen. William MacRae. The brigade consisted of the 11th, 26th, 47th, and 52d North Carolina Regiments.

Cooke's North Carolina Brigade was under the command of Brig. Gen. John R. Cooke and Brig. Gen. William MacRae. It was made up of the 15th, 27th, 46th, and 48th North Carolina Regiments.

Field's Virginia Brigade was one of the original Light Division brigades. It was commanded by Maj. Gen. Charles W. Field (promoted to command of a First Corps division), Maj. Gen. Henry Heth (also promoted to division command), Col. John Brockenbrough, and Brig. Gen. Henry H. Walker. Eventually the surviving regiments of the brigade merged with McComb's in the latter stages of the Petersburg Campaign. The brigade consisted of the 40th, 47th, 55th Virginia Regiments and the 22d Battalion.

Archer's Tennessee and Alabama Brigade was also an original Light Division brigade. The brigade was commanded by Brig. Gen. James Jay Archer (died of disease in 1864), Brig. Gen. Brickett D. Fry, and Brig. Gen. William McComb. The original brigade in the Light Division consisted of the 5th Battalion and and 13th Regiment from Alabama and the 1st (Provisional Army), 7th, and 14th Tennessee. Later additions after the Spotsylvania Campaign included the 2nd Maryland (1st Battalion). Field's former Virginia brigade (listed above) also was absorbed into this brigade.

Davis' Mississippi and North Carolina Brigade was commanded by Brig. Gen. Joseph R. Davis. It was made up of the 2d, 11th, and 42d Mississippi Regiments and the 52d North Carolina Regiment. The 2nd and 11th Mississippi Regiments had served from Manassas and into the Valley Campaign with Jackson as members of Whiting's Brigade.

Bushrod Johnson's Tennessee Brigade was commanded in the Third Corps by Brig. Gen. William McComb. Made up of the 17th, 23d, 25th, 44th, and 63d Tennessee Regiments, these Tennessee regiments joined Heth's Division in the Petersburg trenches. Badly bloodied at Drewry's Bluff, these units were eventually were consolidated and became part of Archer's / McComb's brigade along with the ANV's other Tennessee regiments.

Heth's Division's Artillery was under the command of Lieut. Col. John J. Garnett and Lieut. Col. Charles Richardson.

Pender's Division

The core of the old Light Division. The original division also contained Archer and Field (Heth)'s brigades. The Division took this format after it joined the Third Corps in the major reorgnization of the army in the spring of 1863.

The commanders of this division included Lieut. Gen. A.P. Hill, Maj. Gen. W. Dorsey Pender (mortally wounded at Gettysburg), and Maj. Gen. Cadmus M. Wilcox.

The Light Division as modified included these brigades:

Gregg's / McGowan's South Carolina Brigade was commanded by Brig. Gen. Maxcy Gregg (mortally wounded at Fredericksburg), Brig. Gen. Samuel McGowan, and at Gettysburg by Brig. Gen. Abner Perrin. It consisted of the 1st South Carolina (Provisional), 1st South Carolina (Rifles), and the 12th, 13th, and 14th Infantry Regiments.

Branch's North Carolina Brigade was commanded by Brig. Gen. Lawrence O'Bryan Branch (killed at Sharpsburg) and Brig. Gen. James H. Lane. It was made up of the 7th, 18th, 28th, 33d, and 37th Regiments.

Thomas' Georgia Brigade was led by Brig. Gen. Joseph Reid Anderson and Brig. Gen. Edward L. Thomas. The brigade included the 14th, 35th, 45th, and 49th Georgia Regiments.

Pender's North Carolina Brigade was under the command of Maj. Gen. W. Dorsey Pender (promoted to division command) and Brig. Gen. Alfred Scales. It consisted of the 13th, 16th, 22d, 34th, and 38th Regiments.

Pender's Division's Artillery was under the command of Lieut. Col. William T. Poague.

The Artillery

Third Corps battalion level artillery officers included Brig. Gen. Reuben Lindsay Walker (chief of artillery), Col. David G. McIntosh and Col. William J. Pegram (mortally wounded at Five Forks). Additionally, officers Lieut. Col. Lewis M. Coleman (mortally wounded at Fredericksburg) and Lieut. Col. Greenlee Davidson (killed at Chancellorsville) were field grade officers with the Light Division.