After Action Reports

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A.P. Hill

This section of the website contains after action reports written by A.P. Hill and the officers who served under his command.

"The Official Records of the American Civil War or often more simply the Official Records or ORs, constitute a unique, authentic, and comprehensive collection of first-hand accounts, orders, reports, and correspondence drawn from War and Navy Department records of both Confederate and Union governments during the American Civil War."

These after battle reports were filed by regimental commanders on up for various battles and campaigins. The reports often are the best starting point when doing resarch into a particular battle. They are an invaluable resource.

Records for A.P. Hill's corps on this site are organized by battle or by the campaign. The campaigns are listed below in chronological order. Links to these reports are also available through the Narrative section of the website.

After Action Reports

Brigade level reports

Reports from the Light Division

Includes all of the reports for the entire division, including the report of A.P. Hill himself.

Reports from the Third Corps

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